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Thanks be to God.  The ordination day finally came.  I felt very blessed to have so many people at my ordination.  There were lots of pictures taken.  Here are a few.
This picture was taken at the beginning of the service.  As if you didn't know, that is Bishop Scarfe bringing up the rear of the procession.

We knew it might get warm in the church so Sherry and Cathy got some fans for the service.  I didn't know about it.  They say FANS OF FATHER FRED. Three of the Clark kids and Cathy have the fans on display.  It's funny how they all look like me!

The color for the service was red.  Can you Tell?

This is the part of the service called the Examination.  It is all very formalized with questions and responses.  I like exams where I know the correct answers.

It is so nice to see a full church.

Here are our two terrific acolytes Morgan Clark and William Steinbach.
Fr. Fred

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