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Chaplaincy Update

I thought I might include an update on the Inter-Church Council's plans to develop a chaplaincy service for the Lucas County Memorial Hospital.  Three of us from the council met with hospital staff this week to begin the dialogue for the development of this service.  We listened to each others thoughts about how to go about developing this much needed service. 

Hospital staff agreed to develop some guidelines and articulate their needs at our next combined meeting.  We as clergy agreed to do the same.  Our meeting with the council was last night  and we had a healthy discussion on the direction we would like to take.  Developing a chaplaincy program fits well within our vision of what we want the Inter-Church council to look like in the future.  A smaller group of us are meeting next Tuesday and hopefully we will have something substantive to bring to the table when we meet with hospital administration next week.

I want this to be a well thought out program that really makes a difference in the spiritual lives of the people we serve.

Fr. Fred

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