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We had our first meeting of the year for our bible study group and it was like putting on an old shoe.  It just felt right.  There were six of us gathered which is our typical number except Sherry wasn't there.  She generally makes the coffee so that part was a little off.  Rick joined us for the first time and I think he enjoyed our meeting.

We watched a dvd called Go Fish.  The theme was about reaching out to the unchurched.  The presenter posed three questions.  Why do we need Jesus?  Why do we need a church? What is special about our church?  They didn't give us any answers so we sat around and just talked.  I don't think the earth was moved by any of our responses but it was a very lively discussion.  We didn't finish the dvd be continued.
Sam  was released to recuperate at his parents home in Ankeny.  We are all breathing a little easier today.

Fr. Fred

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