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I'm Back

I apologize for not writing much lately.  It has been a little crazy here but things are starting to settle down.  We made another trip to Mayo Clinic for more tests and we got back Friday night.  They told me that since there is no treatment for progressive MS, they would not need to see me again.  I am in the process of being fitted for a brace on my right leg and I have my cane to help me get along.  Sherry and Sue (cousin) are in Galena visiting relatives, shopping and taking a balloon ride.  It sounds like they are having a great time.  Galena is a fascinating place and there is a truly picturesque Episcopal church there.  It is made of stone that was cut out of the hillside where it was built.  It alone is worth the visit.

I am reading a book by Barbara Taylor Brown, titled Learning to Walk in the Dark.  I have just started it, but I think it will be a good read.  She talks about how we have become suspicious and fearful of the dark and that we needn't be.  I will share with more as I read more.

Please keep Sam Felderman in your prayers.  He is now in Iowa City and his recovery is showing promise.

Fr. Fred

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