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Good News, Bad News

It has been quite a week for Sherry and me.  We just returned from Mao Clinic in Rochester MN and we were both quite impressed.  It is a very efficient facility with people who care.  We went there to find out what is wrong with my darned leg and after fourteen previous doctors I felt like it was starting to narrow down to a couple of possibilities.

The good news is that I now have a very credible diagnosis.  The bad news is that it is progressive multiple sclerosis.  It is a form of MS that generally works very slowly but there are no remissions.  I will probably need to use a cane and have an appliance in my shoe to help me walk. 

While I was in the waiting room (we waited a lot) having a pity party it was not unusual to see people being wheeled by who had just had a leg amputated.  It truly helped with my perspective.  Life goes on and when it stops there is the afterlife.

Please keep Sam Felderman in your prayers.  He is a very good man who could use them right now.

Fr. Fred

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