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I started writing this Sunday's sermon yesterday.  Imbedded in the Gospel reading was the parable of the father and his two sons.  The father gave each son the same task.  The first son refused to do it but later had a change of heart and did it.  The second son said he would do the task but never did it.  Jesus asks the elders which son did his father's will.  They said of course it was the first son. 

Jesus then lays it on them that they may think they are doing God's will by paying lip service to the law but the real followers are the tax collectors and harlots who had a change of heart and believed in his message.

Unfortunately, I drifted off when writing the sermon and wrote again about forgiveness, a topic I had written on two weeks ago.  So... those of you who will be sitting in the pews this Sunday please forgive me when I go off topic.  It's a good sermon.  Come and see.

Fr. Fred

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