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Bible Study Thoughts

Yesterday we had bible study and I enjoyed the lively discussion.  We usually have six who attend but one of our group had a conflict and couldn't come.  This was our first regular meeting for the year and it was good to sit with these friends.   We have had our bible study for about four years and we have gotten to know each other quite well.  I feel like there is an element of trust that has developed among us and that trust allows us to verbally "let our hair down" in our discussions.  Nobody held back yesterday and there was a lot of friendly laughter. 

I have noticed a change in discussion over the years.  Episcopalians have a reputation for squirming when they are asked questions about their relationship with Christ and we have gotten over that.  It was so refreshing to hear several members reflect on how they could not even imagine what their life would be like without that relationship.

Like I said, it was a good time.  The coffee was good.  The girl scout cookies were delicious.  The conversation was memorable.

Fr. Fred

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