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This Week

It feels like I have been running all week.  On Tuesday we celebrated the life of Margaret Miller.  Margaret had been active in our church many years ago.  Her final request was that the service be held at St. Andrew's.  There is quite a bit of preparation for a funeral but this one required less because they were not having a meal afterward at the church. 

Margaret's granddaughter had prepared some memories for me to read.  It really was a thoughtful expression of the love they had for each other.  The service went well and the family thanked us afterward. 

Wednesday was evening prayer and the three of us gathered for it.  I really enjoy evening prayer.  Somehow it quiets me and at the same time connects me to the Holy Spirit.

Thursday was the service for Father Lintner.  He was truly a great soul.  Father Lintner and I had a special bond and I miss him.  I know he is with me in spirit.  I plan to write more on him in a separate post.

Friday I worked the morning at the Ministry Center Food Bank.  Chariton is so fortunate to have such a well stocked food bank.

Today, Saturday, we had a cluster meeting for the south central Iowa Episcopal churches and it was held this time in Ottumwa.  Two diocese representatives came down from Des Moines and they talked about the proposed budget for this year.  It sounds really boring but it was so well done that I think I understand for the first time what is happening with diocese finances.

On a personal note, I got a brace for my leg.  It works really well and I am not stumbling nearly as much.

More Later,
Fr. Fred

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