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To err is human, to forgive divine

In Matthew 14: 22-33 Peter asks Jesus how often he should forgive someone for a transgression, as many as seven times he asks.  And Jesus responds seventy times seven.  He might as well have said always forgive. When I think of my own life I remember a lot of things I have done that I hope I have been forgiven for.  Forgiveness is harder for some people than for others. 

I wrote this weeks sermon on forgiveness and I used two examples from my family.  One was a case where there was forgiveness and another where there was none.  The example where there was no forgiveness has resulted in that family member being tortured by the experience for decades.

The other example of the family member who forgave resulted in a life that was spiritually rich and abundant. 

The good thing about giving sermons is that I spend all week thinking about what I am going to say.  I get to dwell on the sermon and I think it does my soul good.

How is your soul today?

Fr. Fred

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