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A Friend in Need

October 30, 2014

A dear friend of ours fell last Saturday and broke her hip.   Dru is one of the pillars in this community.  She is involved in so many organizations in Chariton and she does not just belong, she is active.  When Sherry and I visited her on Monday her first concern was making sure everything was running smoothly with these various organizations.  There is a possibility she may be returning to Chariton to recuperate at the local hospital.  Dru remains in our prayers.

The furnace at our house quit working last night and when I went to turn it on manually it made this rattle and bang that was just a little scary. Surprisingly (maybe miraculously) the house temp only dropped four degrees overnight. The furnace people are on their way.

Today is another counseling day for the couple who are getting married in December.  We have had some very productive sessions and my hope is that it will make a difference in their married life.

Also, at 5:30 this evening we will gather for evening prayer.  All are welcome!

Fr. Fred

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