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Christmas Day

Let me first write about the Christmas Eve service and the feast we had afterward.  It was such a joy sharing this service with so many good souls this Christmas Eve.  We sang many old familiar songs.  We listened to the children's choir and we lit lots and lots of candles.  We didn't even come close to burning the church down.  I was truly inspired by all of the love I felt in the church last night.  The food of course was wonderful.  We had four different kinds of soup to choose from.  Frank made his famous bread and Sherry's birthday cake was delicious. We sang happy birthday to Jesus and Megan blew out the candle.  My thanks goes out to all of those who worked very hard to make this night so memorable. 

I of course have to thank our acolytes, the Clark boys, for the professional job they did last night.

Today, I am tired.  Sherry and I opened our presents, all thoughtfully chosen, and then I took a nap. I couldn't quit yawning.  I hope that all of you are blessed with a wonderful day today and may God's peace be with you.

Fr. Fred

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