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After Christmas

I enjoy the time after Christmas when we are pretty much done with all the eating and presents and we can just settle down and relax.  It was truly a good and joyful Christmas.  Now is the time for reflection.  I can begin reading some of the books I was given.  I can watch the DVDs and eat the last of the candy. I swear when this last of the candy is gone I will eat no more!

On Christmas Eve we had some sad news in Chariton.  A young woman died leaving behind her a husband and three children.  She was a relative of one of our parishioners and I agreed to officiate at her funeral.  It was a large funeral by Chariton standards.  Part of the reason it was large was because she was young but I think mostly it was because she was someone who reached out and took care of so many souls in her life that they came to pay their respects and grieve their loss.  I didn't know Sarah McFarland but I wish I had.  She must have been some lady.

Peace on Earth,
Fr. Fred

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