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Bible Study and Miracles

Bible study is always interesting to me.  Pastor DuBois from First Lutheran joined us and gave us his perspective on this week's readings.  Some of our discussion centered around miracles and casting out demons.  During Jesus time there was no lack of magicians and conjurers who, for a price, would fix what ailed you and keep danger from your door. Jesus changed that.  He really did cure the sick, cast out unclean spirits and even raise the dead. And, to top it all off he did not charge money. 

Pastor found the lyrics to a song by Emmylou Harris titled Jerusalem Tomorrow on the internet and read it to us.  It was such a close fit to what we discussed that I will recite it as part of my sermon on Sunday.

While I am thinking about it, please come to our service this Sunday.  We begin at 9:15 and I promise it will be magical!!

Fr. Fred

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