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Raising funds for a friend.

I attended a fund raiser for Shantel Dow Friday.  She is being treated for cancer and we all are at least to some extent aware of the emotional and financial strain that can put on a family.  There was a lot of love and energy in Carpenter's Hall and it was attended by well over a hundred people.  I have not heard how much was raised but I know Shantel felt overwhelmed by the kind words of those who were there. 

Kris and Sonja from the Chamber/Main Street office did a lot of the preparation for the event.  I am sure they were exhausted when it was over.  Chariton is a wonderful community and the  people here have big hearts.  Our community fits the phrase, 'big enough to enjoy, small enough to care'. 

Blessings to Shantel, her family, and all of those who worked so hard to help her get through this difficult time.


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