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My Story

I am sitting here at my desk thinking about the sermon for tomorrow.  I promised last week to write a my story  in five hundred words or less.  I cranked it out but when I reached five hundred I was only twenty two years old.  So...I was a third of the way through it.  To make matters worse, what I had written was really only a sketch and a boring one at best.  My life has not been boring but it sure looked that way from what I had written.  Let me back up.

Last week I was telling our congregation that the story of Jesus and his families' life in his very early years was important because stories connect us.  Knowing these stories give us a deeper more human understanding of how they lived and the challenges they faced.  I went on to say that each of our stories is important too.  When we share what has gone on in our lives it helps us connect to each other. 

What I realized is that I was writing down the bones of my story but there was no flesh on it.  Sure, I wrote down that I went to boarding school but I neglected to mention the harassment I experienced while I was there.  I also never mentioned the love I was shown by my Aunt Mary, who made sure I had clean clothes, a good meal on Sunday, and a large can of cookies to munch on each week. 

What I have learned from this is you can't get to know someone in five hundred words or less. It is a good start but it is only the beginning in building a strong relationship.  Relationships with God seem to be that way too.

Fr. Fred

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