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Ukrainian Church

St. Andrew's has always been receptive to various groups using our church building.  We consider it part of our ministry.  The building is a meeting place for the Girl Scouts of America, a painters guild, Narcotics Anonymous, and a yoga group.  A few weeks ago we were approached by a Ukrainian church and asked if they could use our building for meetings.  We, of course, agreed.  Last Sunday was their first meeting at our church and we have been told that they really like it.

I got a call yesterday from one of their church leaders who offered to come over to replace some of the lights that are out in the chapel. It takes a really big ladder to reach these lights and my ladder climbing days are over so I readily agreed.  To make a long story short, it is done and I couldn't be happier.  While we were waiting for the gentleman with the ladder I had a nice talk with the minister about our different denominations.  I think we both were able to clear up some misconceptions. 

We have a good sized Ukrainian and Russian immigrant population in Chariton and I am pleased we could provide their denomination a place for worship. Its also nice that the lights are fixed!

Fr. Fred

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