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Chaplaincy Program

I am so pleased that we are beginning the chaplaincy program at our local hospital in Chariton.  Several of us recently attended an in-service on hospital procedures and policy as a preparation for the program.  I am also glad that the administration has received the idea so well.  My belief is that body and spirit are connected and if spiritual needs are taken care of then the body benefits and responds by healing faster. 

Veronica, the CEO of the hospital, opened the session with a few words about the hospital.  One of the first things she talked about was the hospital's mission statement.  She told us that several years ago the hospital had a mission statement that was about a half page long and no one could remember it.  The new mission statement now reads, "We provide quality, family centered health care."  Those seven words speak volumes about who they are and what they do. 

I believe Jesus had a mission statement as well although he did not use that kind of terminology.  His mission statement was, Love your God and love your neighbor.  He said all of the law follows both of these things. In his short time on earth he not only preached to those principles, he lived them.

And, we can do the same.

Fr. Fred

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