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Magic and Miracles

As part of my sermon yesterday I did a bit of magic.  I made a tissue disappear in my hand.  It was fun to do and I think I tricked everyone except my wife who can see through all of my deceptions.  My point in the sermon was that there were a lot of magicians and healers in the first century.  They would go from village to village and practice their arts.  It made for a good living I am sure. 

My point in the sermon was that Jesus did healings and cast out demons.  He was even said to have walked on water and feed thousands with only a few loaves of bread.  The difference was that he did not charge and his only price was that those he cured have faith and sin no more.  I don't know how the sin no more thing worked because it doesn't seem to work for me.  That would take a miracle!

Fr. Fred

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