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Curing and Healing

I was reading something the other day about the difference between curing and healing.  I was actually researching for this week's sermon when I came across it and it really made me think.  Jesus cured a lot of people of whatever was wrong with them and in this Sundays gospel reading he heals Peter's mother in-law. 

She was probably about my age and if she was anything like me she had a number of things wrong with her.  Jesus cured her of a sickness and she felt well enough to get up and serve them.  She was probably a long way from perfect but she got beyond her other issues and went about her business of service.

Now, about curing and healing.  I have MS and it is very unlikely that I will be cured of it.  On the other hand, I have gone a long way toward being healed from it.  I still have a weak leg.  I still get leg spasms at night but I have found ways to live my life so that it is as rich and in some ways richer than it was before.  I thank God for the spiritual and emotional healing that has taken place.

I spoke to a close friend this morning who lost part of his foot months ago in an accident.  No, his toes and part of his foot did not re-grow but he did heal.  His life remains spiritual and rich.  His faith in God was not shaken by the accident and he continues to serve. 

Fr. Fred

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