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A Nudge From God

I had coffee with my mentor this afternoon.  It was our first meeting so she told me her story and I told her mine.  She said that one of the main reasons she chose to work at a particular parish was that after her interview she was boarding the plane to leave from the small airport.  She noticed from the plane's window the vestry committee lined up near the tarmac and they were all waiving goodbye.  She felt it was a sign.

I told her that we had come to Chariton to settle my father's estate and our son, my wife and I went to St. Andrews for the first time. We were part of a handful of people in attendance at the service.  A few minutes into the service my wife whispered to me, "they need us." That whisper in my ear was a turning point in our decision to settle in Chariton.

I think God guides us on this journey with small nudges like waving hands and whispers in our ears. We just need to be attuned to them.

Deacon Fred

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