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Sunday Sermons

It's Friday which is the time I get serious about writing the Sunday sermon.  The gospel reading is from Matthew where Jesus tells Andrew and Peter he will make them fishers of people.  It seemed to be an excellent platform for me to talk about how we fish for people today.  I took the fishing metaphor a little farther and wrote about all the preparation a good angler makes before he even begins.  And then I related how I had once caught the biggest fish in my life with a very simple hook, small worm and a stick for a bobber. 

Sometimes simple is best.  Simple is genuine.  The love we share as Christians will do more than all the glitz and glamor in the world.  Sure, people are attracted to glitz but they are also attracted to love.  So many people have this hole in their lives that they try to fill with things, whether they be cars or houses or the latest toy that technology is offering.  I really believe they are looking for substance and meaning.  They are looking for love.  Our little church family can help fill that hole and our call is to invite them in.  To tell them to come and see.

Deacon Fred

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