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Poetic Prayer

I was at hospice today visiting my cousin and while I was there an employee came up to me and asked me what church I was from.  I told her and she then asked me if I would like to hear a poem she had written about God's forgiveness.  I of course said yes and she began to recite it by heart.  It was a simple poem/prayer about her asking God to forgive her and how when she gets to heaven's gate the book of her life would be swept clear of any sin.  I really liked her poem and I was especially pleased that she was gracious enough to share it with me. I think this priest thing is going to work out!

We have evening prayer tomorrow.  It is a wonderful way to spend twenty minutes on a
Wednesday evening.  It gives me just the spiritual bump I need to get me through the week.
Please come.  It starts at 5:30

Deacon Fred

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