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I have been watching the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics and I am dazzled by the technology involved in it's production and the scope of the countries that are represented by this world event.  It is the Winter Olympics and Jamaica has a team. 

My mind started drifting a little after the tenth country was introduced and I began thinking about how the world has changed since biblical times.  And then I began to wonder what it would be like if those biblical characters were navigating their lives and mission in these modern times.  What kind of car would Jesus have driven?  I am assuming they would wear modern dress.  Levis would perhaps be their jeans of preference.  After all the company was started by a Jewish man named Levi Strauss.  Would St. Paul have had a Twitter account?  Probably.  Would he have written a few regrettable things in his many tweets.  Very likely.

Now for the big question?  Which church would Jesus have gravitated toward?  What do you think would be the response if he decided to preach in the church you attend?  After all, it is doubtful that he would have graduated from seminary.  Without proper credentials he would probably not be allowed to deliver a sermon to a congregation.

There is a book I just finished called, Jesus Was an Episcopalian  (and you can be one too!) The title is very tongue in cheek. The front cover has a photo of Jesus dressed in a robe with the Episcopal shield  tattooed  on his ankle. Truth be told, I think many of us are a little smug about our denominations.  I grew up Roman Catholic and I remember our catechism saying that Catholicism was the one true faith. 

Maybe it is time for Jesus to return and straighten all of us out.  Good luck with that!

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