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I got a call today from a lady whose great grandparents were married at Grace Church in Albia in 1885 and she asked if I could look through their records and validate the date.  She is doing the paperwork to get into the D.A.R. and this is a branch of the family tree she is working on.  I am not even sure where the records are but I will dig through the loft in the church to look for those records.

This kind of call reminds me that we are just a part of a lineage that stretches back so many years and will probably continue so many more.  I like being part of things.  I think most of us do.  That is the beauty of being part of a small town and a small church (I wish it was a little bigger). We fit and we are surrounded by caring people. 

I have been reading about the battle going on in the United Methodist Church over gay marriage.  We have moved on in the Episcopal Church and I think we are healthier for it.  I have no doubt some would disagree. Our sexual orientation is the way God made us and why shouldn't we live our lives accordingly.  It should be a human right for all people, not just heterosexuals.

I am sure there are others who can articulate this position better than me and it's late, so...

Good Night,
Deacon Fred

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