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Interchurch Council 2/11/14

We had a good interchurch council meeting tonight.  We talked about the needs of the ministry center and the good work being done to help people in need.  We also discussed another need in our community.  The local hospital has no chaplaincy program for patients, their families, and staff.

I shared with the group my experiences.  Our church is right next to the hospital helicopter pad and occasionally during our service we will hear the helicopter land and take off with an emergency patient.  Whenever that happens I think, "there is a family in crisis."  I say a prayer for them but I wish I could do more.  Maybe a chaplaincy program will do that.  I hope so.  Rich and I will meet with the director and see if we can put something in place.

The council does so much good work.  It is truly a blessing to have it here.


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