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Something very surprising happened to me at Hy-Vee yesterday.  I was in the fruits and vegetables section and a gentleman who was walking past me said, "Hello Padre'"  I said hello back and continued on my way.  I eventually worked my way to the other end of the store and was standing very indecisively in front of the vegetarian section.  I couldn't decide whether to get an Amy's vegetarian dish or vegie hot dogs. 

The same gentleman came up to me and said, "Excuse me father but could you tell me where your church is located?"

 I said, "It's St. Andrew's here in Chariton."

He paused and replied, "Could you tell me what denomination you belong to."

I said, "I am Episcopalian."

He said, "Oh." and proceeded to take out a roll of twenty dollar bills.  He peeled of two twenties and said, "I want you to have this."

I started to say thank you and that I could use it toward our local food bank but he interrupted me before I could say much and said,  "I don't care what you use it for.  Spend it on yourself if you want.  Go out to eat."
He then turned, walked away and headed into the liquor section of the store.

The money is sitting on our kitchen counter.  I am tempted to go out to eat.

P.S.  I bought the hot dogs.

Fr. Fred

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